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These maps have for the most part been scanned from The Times History which was published in 1901, so they give a very good approximation of the disposition of forces and the area of the battles.

It is a growing section, with new maps being added on a weekly basis. I am trying to have the maps published on here as close to the anniversary of that particular battle as possible.

In order to encourage users to register, I have decided to only give access to these maps to Registered Users. This way we can build up a small community with a common interest which will make interaction between users in the Forums much easier.

Each map has been scanned in two sizes:

  • a 800 pixel wide smaller map which is displayed on the page, and
  • a 1600 pixel wide bigger map which will open in a separate window as a .JPG image which you can view, print or save (by right-clicking and selecting “Save Picture As...“)
  • If you want an even bigger version, you can email me and I will upload the original scan on request only.

So, in order to view the current maps listed above, please do not hesitate to REGISTER HERE...

Disposition of Forces at
Outbreak of War

Battle of Talana Hill
20 October 1899

Battle of Elandslaagte
21 October 1899

Battle of Rietfontein
24 October 1899

showing the Boer Invasion and
the movements of Troops down
to the end of 1899

Battle outside Ladysmith
30 October 1899

Map to Illustrate
Nov 20 - Dec 12 1899

Battle of Belmont - Prior to the
capture of Gun Hill
23 November 1899

Battle of Belmont - Prior to the
capture of Mont Blanc
23 November 1899

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