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Colenso: Directions to te Re-fight

The 2nd refight will be conducted at The Homestead, Glen Oak Road, Welcome Glen, Simonstown, on 30 June 2001, from 10 am to about 6 pm.

All Boer Commanders will be required to attend a 'Algemene Krygsraad' (Orders) at 9am for initial deployment. British Commanders will do the same at 9:30am. Coffee and 'Boerebeskuit' will be served during order sessions.

To get to The Homestead, drive on the Main Road from Fish Hoek (Muizenberg side of Cape Town) towards Simonstown, i.e. keep to the left (ocean side) at the Fish Hoek Circle. This road runs next to the Metro Railway line that are located alongside the coast between Muizenberg and Simonstown. After driving around the hill, you will approach a valley leading into a beach. This area is called Glencairn. You will find a robot where the Sunvalley/Kommetjie road joins the Main Road. Carry on straight PAST the robot and take the next road to your right, leading alongside the next hill's slope into the valley. This is Glen Road and passes the Glen Adinda Hotel and Flagship Pub. Follow the road for about 3 km, crossing two three way stops, and at the third three way stop, next to some of the Navy's obstacle courses behind a tall fence, turn left, then immediately right at the first road, which is Glen Oak Road.

Follow the road for about 200m past a few houses on the left until you approach a rise preceded by a roadsign warning of children. The Homestead is the big white house with the black roof and high stairway leading up to the house right next to the road. There is a big tree next to the house and stairway, right alongside the road. The Homestead was built in 1811 and is a well known landmark in the area also known as The Farmhouse, so you can stop and ask anyone.

In case of problems contact Johan Schoeman at 072 409-6271 for assistance.

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